DALA Casting Rubber - 1 Litre

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Dala Casting Rubber is a brush on, liquid latex product for flexible mould creation.

It enables you to replicate detailed designs by brushing onto the original to create a flexible 'negative', from which a postive may then be cast.

 Please Note: Casting Rubber contains ammonia.


Dala casting Rubber is a brush on, liquid latex moulding product that requires a few coats layered on top of one another to create a flexible skin from which a positive may be cast.

Brush onto the original piece - applying an even, first layer and allow to dry completely.

Please Note: Product will darken slightly when completely dried.

Once the first layer is dry, apply a second coat, and then a third, and a fourth - leaving time in between each layer to dry.

For best results apply 7-10 layers of Casting Rubber to the original.

Once the casting rubber layer(s) has dried, you will be able to peel it off of the original for filling with your chosen moulding product.

For extra strength and support of your flexible mould, pour plaster of paris over the casting rubber covered original, and create a flat 'top' by skimming the surface of the plaster of paris. This will give you a sturdy base for your flexible mould to sit in when you flip it over.

Prepare your moulding material as per manufacturers instructions and pour into your flexible mould.

Wait the recommended time for the product to dry and release the mould from the casting rubber skin.

WARNING: Casting Rubber contains ammonia and may be a potential skin and eye irritant. Handle with care.

*Clean up using soapy water.