Matt Daniel Sculpting Clay

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Matt Daniel sculpting clay is a wax-based clay that retains its elasticity and never dries out. This product is ideal for modelling, sculpting, shaping, carving and mold making. Because of its smooth yet firm texture you are able to get fine details and create intricate textures on the surface of the clay. 

Upon opening the clay it will feel very hard, which is completely normal. To soften it and make it more workable, you can warm it carefully in the microwave, place it in warm water (it’s wax based and so will not mix with water) or using a hot plate at a controlled temperature. As you work with it, it will soften up, however once left unused for an extended period of time, it will harden again. This makes it excellent for mould making.

Matt Daniel clay is toxin and sulphur free and will therefore not react with moulding materials such as silicone, Body-Double, Epoxy & Polyester Resins and Plaster of Paris.