Gamblin Artists' Oils & Radiant Colours 37ml

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Since 1980, Gamblin has transformed oils and pigments into luscious, rich oil paints. Gamblin Artist's Oil Paints are made with refined linseed oil, so the paint film is more flexible and yellows significantly less than traditional linseed oil. No adulterants are used, so each color retains its unique tinting strength, undertone, and texture. Gamblin Artist's Colors have luscious working properties, and the colors are radiant. We're sure you'll agree that the quality of these oil colors is exquisite. For everything from realism to contemporary abstraction, you'll find the colors you need in the Gamblin line.

Gamblin Radiants work together as a system of accent colors, enabling artists to easily and predictably punch-up the color and intensity in their paintings. When used in mixtures, the Radiants allow painters to warm-up or cool-down colors without darkening them. Radiants can also neutralize colors into more nuanced mixtures.