Gamblin Pro Varnish Brush

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This is the only brush designed to work perfectly with Gamblin Gamvar Varnish. Get the depth of color, the saturation of color, and precisely the gloss level you want. Easily. Every time.

This brush has the correct thickness and stiffness — soft enough to contour to the texture of your work, yet stiff enough to evenly and thinly varnish your painting. Works with Gamvar Gloss, Satin, and Matte on oil and acrylic paintings.

Designed by Gamblin. Made in Germany using synthetic bristles. These bristles are not only animal-free but made for the job. Unlike animal hair bristles that load heavily and break over time, thin-fiber synthetics that “mop” varnish, or single-use sponge brushes that create bubbles, this brush is designed to load and deliver the correct amount of varnish. And when it comes to durability, there’s no match. Dedicate this brush to varnishing, clean the bristles with soap and water, and hang dry.