Marie's Chinese Watercolor Painting Sets

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Marie's are some of the finest Chinese-Style Watercolors manufactured. Each set includes lovely colors that are highly pigmented and concentrated, allowing for a wide variation of tone in washes. These colors express the charm and beauty of Chinese painting and are highly lightfast and transparent. The Master's Set is professional quality, containing traditional pigments, truer to old traditional master Chinese watercolor works, closely matching and harmonizing to the subtle colors of the natural world.

Master's Chinese Watercolor Set of 12 - Includes twelve 5 ml tubes of traditional Chinese watercolors in a lovely keepsake box with a magnetic clasp. Set colors are:  Titanium White, Gamboge, Cinnabar, Rouge, Vermillion, Peony Red, Burnt Sienna, Light Green (Green Label 3), Dark Green (Green Label 1), Blue (Blue Label 3), Dark Blue (Blue Label 1), and Indigo.